Sabri Anna is a jeweler based in Tio’tia:ké/Montreal, Canada. She completed 3 years of intensive studies at École de Joaillerie de Montréal in 2015 and officially launched Ambre Noire in the summer of 2018.

Through her brand, Sabri Anna wishes for her delicately crafted talismans to be used as aesthetic alchemy. With fine craftsmanship in mind, her pieces are created with a dedicated passion and a strong sense of honor to both the smithing craft itself and Mother Earth.

Sabri Anna aspires to one day call the northern woods her home and craft from a little workshop where her surrounding view can translate into her work - giving her clients a little piece of that purity. In the meantime, she frequently roams the rich soils of Québec in search of inspiration for her work. Her jewelry varies from strong statement pieces to body art.

Cultural Heritage

Inspired by her Amazigh heritage, Sabri Anna vows to pay tribute to her ancestors by adding elements of traditional symbolism and shapes used in Amazigh culture and art, which are rich, vibrant and magical.

Jewelry is one of the many crafts practiced in Tamazgha (land of the Imazighen - plural of Amazigh) and passed from generation to generation. While this reality alone should put emphasis onto why Sabri Anna chose this art, truth be told that jewelry making truly found its way into her life. Only reconnecting with her cultural identity in her early twenties, it seems her ancestor’s passion found its way to her. A perfect synchronicity of life.

Homage to Nature

Inspired by the rawness and the complex simplicity of biology, physiology and astrophysics, Sabri Anna incorporates earthly textures, authentic bones, movement and stillness intertwined in her pieces. With great love for herbalism and natural landscapes, she displays her admiration and respect for the natural world in the expression of her work.

Eco Friendly & Sustainable

Ambre Noire cherishes the gifts of Mother Earth, and holds a deep desire to honor nature. Every piece is handmade with the environment in mind; her jewelry is often made to order ensuring waste reduction, packaged in plastic free wrapping, and the majority of the stones used in each piece are fair trade.

Because the jewelry industry is generally not perceived as the most ethical and sustainable, it is of great importance to Sabri Anna to apply these values into her work as best as possible. While a good amount of the world’s silver and gold is historically re-used, and many of Ambre Noire’s pieces crafted from metal scraps, it is not entirely possible to be a fully sustainable and ethical brand. However, Sabri Anna is presently searching for an ethically sourced precious metal company.

Custom Orders

Sabri Anna takes limited commissions for custom pieces. She cherishes the trust given to her to create a piece with deeper meaning, intention and value.

Time production and cost are relative to the piece in question. Please get in contact to discuss your idea for your one-of-a-kind talisman.

Photography credits

Pictures were taken by several artists ;

Sabri Anna (Ambre Noire)

Valentina Fellina (insta : @fellinaphotography )

Kamielle Dalati-Vachon (insta : @kamikadv)